Forex Trading

A forex trading online strategy is a set of well-defined rules that tell you when to sell or buy currencies. This includes tehcnical and fundamental analysis, but there's much more to forex strategy than that. You need to take into account your own temperament and your own strategy:
  • Conservative or aggressive
  • Comfort with risk
  • Patience
  • Narrow or wide focus
  • The way you react to situations
Developing a forex trading strategy can take a while when you're a beginner, and you won't become an experienced trader overnight. We understand this, and have created our Cent Account to help you develop your forex strategy. With a Cent Account, you can do the following:
  • Trade with real money
  • Make money trades for as little as two cents each
  • Get the same tools and advice that all our traders get
  • Develop your forex strategy with minimal risk
  • Share your forex strategy with other traders